Harry’s Success Story – One Hand, One Dream

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My dream is to become the first one handed jockey. I want to make history and inspire not just people like me but everyone to get out there, try hard and fight for whatever their dreams may be and to never give up!

One Year On! What did we learn?

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Today is the anniversary of George Floyd’s death and we need to take stock and pay our respects, but what I really want to focus on is the change that has been realised since then.

New Scholarship Opportunity

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We are partnering with Motability Operations Ltd to launch their University Scholarship Programme for Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority students.

Leila wins Profile in Courage award

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On Tuesday 23rd of March, Leila Thomas or CEO and founder was honoured to receive a ‘Profile in Courage’ award from the National Black Crown Prosecution Association, presented by Richard Taylor OBE and Grace Moronfolu MBE

Auntie Pat, My Inspiration

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I had no idea what career to go into when I left school, lucky for me the answer was there, in the form of my Auntie Pat

Getting you Ready 4 Work, Even in Lockdown

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On Wednesday 20th January, 120 students from Haberdashers Aske’s Knights Academy attended our Ready 4 Work e-Seminar with volunteers from Goldman Sachs, Refinitiv, EC1 Partners, PwC, Citi and Adobe.

Interview with Justin Adekunle

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Justin Adekunle was introduced to Urban Synergy when he was at secondary school, “I liked Urban Synergy’s ethos and the way they reached out to young people”