Youth Council

Urban Synergy's Youth Council is made up of our alumni of mentees. They have now taken a leading role of being a voice for the young people in the community and provide us with valuable feedback on our programmes.

Our young council have benefited first-hand from Urban Synergy’s mentoring programme and now give back by contributing to the ongoing development of the services that Urban Synergy offers to young people behind them.

Our council take an active role providing feedback to improve our programmes and also actively volunteer by:

  • Peer mentoring - supporting young people at seminars/mentee activities
  • Fundraising - taking part in sponsored activity challenges
  • Assisting with PR - creating positive media stories of young people who have benefited from our mentoring programme
  • Raising awareness of the charity - being the voice of young people’s successes to inspire
  • Co-hosting events

Our Youth Council have helped to raise Urban Synergy’s profile by:

  • Arranging fundraising events to support the charity and encouraged colleagues at their organisation to volunteer through our corporate mentoring programmes i.e. at Hosting a fundraising event for US at Sway Bar in London
  • Co-hosting events i.e. Youth Council seated at tables with our sponsors at our black tie fundraising dinners
  • Being a keynote speaker at corporate role model seminars in the city to talk about their experiences as a mentee and working as a professional i.e. Urban Synergy Role Model Seminar hosted by Refinitiv at Thomson Reuters
  • Talking to the media on behalf of Urban Synergy i.e. radio/newspapers i.e. BBC Radio London
  • Reverse mentoring a board member from an international IT consulting company
  • Presenting Jack Petchey Awards to new mentees
  • Supporting Urban Synergy’s fundraising, taking part i.e. Tough Mudder 10K race
  • Networking meetings - Meeting and speaking to business owners, corporates and celebrities about Urban Synergy and including their corporate colleagues
  • Public Speaking - speaking about their experiences as a Mentee with US at schools, community groups, universities and corporate events
  • Outreach work - raise awareness of US services to potential Mentees and Mentors who may wish to volunteer
  • Chaperoning on activities with mentees i.e. during mentee enrichment activities
  • New ideas - sharing their suggestions, ideas on how we can improve our services/programmes to young people and other associated groups
  • Fundraising - assist the Director and team in fundraising and organising youth-orientated activities/events and assist in extending our work locally, regionally and nationally