Our Mission

Talent is everywhere, opportunities are not. 

Founded in 2007, Urban Synergy is an award winning youth empowerment charity that has helped over 27,000 young people between 9-24 years of age reach their full potential.  Our mission is to inspire, guide and ignite the ambitions of young people.

Our approach focuses on early support, to build confidence and show young people what’s possible. That’s why we connect them with aspirational, yet relatable role models, mentors, and industry leading companies.

Understanding that every young person, their circumstance, and their dreams are unique, we tailor our school programmes, mentoring and work experience opportunities to help them reach their individual potential.

With the collaboration of our valued partners, we are building an equitable world where everyone, regardless of their background, is empowered to write their own future.

We Inspire

At Urban Synergy, we focus on early support, to build confidence and help young people see what’s possible for their future.

Our in-school and on-line career seminars work to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace.

These programmes are specially designed to inspire and empower young people. We introduce them to role models who have overcome similar barriers, that raise their aspirations, offer a path to follow, and pass on the confidence to write their own future. 

We Guide

Not only do we seek to inspire young people, we guide them on their unique paths to the workplace via access to aspirational - yet relatable - mentors.

Through engaging 1-to-1 online e-mentoring, these leaders offer valuable insight from their personal stories and how they carved out a path to success. 

Based on the specific needs of their mentee, our mentors work with them to build their confidence in personal and professional skills, such as presenting, interview practice, and career guidance.

We Ignite

We know our young people thrive when they feel motivated, valued and challenged

That’s why we work with industry-leading partners to secure meaningful work experience opportunities that ignite their passions and act as a catalyst for their journey into the workplace.

This programme helps us to create diverse, work-ready talent, prepared for their next opportunity. We believe that through these efforts, in collaboration with our partners, we can build a workforce based on fair opportunity, that everyone can benefit from.