Partner Testimonials

Urban Synergy works with a number of corporate partners.

Read about our impact and how we support diversity, equity, inclusion and social mobility in reports from:


PwC has been collaborating with Urban Synergy for the last three years through our ColourBrave charity initiative. It continues to be a great experience, thanks to the professional team at Urban Synergy, and we have built a strong working relationship during this time.

Urban Synergy consistently demonstrate their commitment to excellence in all aspects of our collaboration, from coordinating events to developing bespoke programmes that align with our Purpose as a firm.

It has been great meeting and working with the impressive young people supported by Urban Synergy, and we wish them all the best for a bright future with Urban Synergy and beyond. A huge thank you to Urban Synergy for their ongoing commitment to our collaboration.

Emily Webb, PwC Social Value - Environmental Manager

Urban Synergy is one of our strategic partners that enables us to work with young people who wish to explore early careers opportunities in our industry. Recent examples include recruitment masterclasses and hosting students work experience programme.

The aim of our programmes is to raise young people careers aspirations and positively impacting their future prospects.  Working with Urban Synergy Team is enjoyable, their care and passion for students development is unparallel. We share the same strive for excellence and value in delivery.

Maria Wilcockson
M&G Plc Apprenticeship Scheme Manager

Working with Urban Synergy has supported LSEG's mission to accelerate talent from under-represented groups. This creates opportunity for the individual, my team and the wider company as a whole as we all benefit from the value that comes from diversity.

Bryn Thomas, Head of Exchange Data,
London Stock Exchange Group