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We know that young people feel more confident and motivated to reach their goals when they can see relatable career Role Models.

Your personal experiences offer invaluable career insight and can help build confidence in personal and professional skills, such as communication, organisation, and interview practice.

By volunteering with Urban Synergy as a 1:1 e-Mentor or Role Model, you can inspire and guide the next generation!

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Become a Mentor

Being a Mentor is a fantastic way to make a difference and inspire a young person to achieve their career ambitions.
Six mentee's sit around a taable holding and looking at papers. in the centre sat at the head of the table is a Role Model smiling whilst talking to the students. In the foreground id the back of the head of another Role Model.

To be a mentor you’ll need bags of enthusiasm, commitment and passion!

Being a Mentor involves:

  • Regular 30 minute 1-to-1 online meetings with your mentee for a minimum of 3-months.
  • Boosting confidence by developing CV, interview, presentation, and organisational skills.
  • Exploring career paths, goals and career mapping.
  • Supporting your mentee with college, university and apprenticeship applications.
  • Completing safeguarding session logs that you can look back on to see how much you’ve both achieved!

What you can expect from US:

  • Structured mentoring program to guide your sessions, including a workbook.
  • Full support and training on how to be the best mentor for your mentee.
  • Safeguarding training to protect both you and your mentee.
  • An enhanced DBS background check.

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For our e-Mentoring programme we conduct all applications, meetings, background checks and training online.

We'll guide you through each step of the process.

  • Apply

    Complete our online application

  • Online Q&A

    We'll review your application and invite you to an online Q&A meeting with other applicants

  • DBS Background Check

    All mentors must complete an Enhanced DBS Background Check and conform to our Safeguarding policy

  • Training

    We provide Mentor Training to all new mentors, typically 90 minutes plus Q&A time.

  • Matching

    When Background Checks are complete, we'll match you with your mentee and you can begin the programme

  • Monthly Mentor drop in

    Every month, we'll invite all mentors to an optional group catch up meeting

  • End of programme review

    We'll ask mentors and mentees to give us feedback on the programme

Become a Role Model

We believe that positive Role Models like you can make a huge impact on a young person’s life by showing them what's possible.
A school hall with a stage and screen in the background, in front of the stage is a row of tables with Role Models sat behind them, they are watching the person talking in front of the desk. The person talking is Troy the magician, he wears a yellow beanie and hoodie with a black jacket.

As a Role Model you’ll be invited to attend our inspirational seminars with young people online or in-person.

Together we can:

  • Raise aspirations of young people by providing and presenting them with visible, relatable role models who look and sound like them.
  • Provide insight into the real life successes and challenges of role models, including their top tips.
  • Broaden young people’s horizons of possible career paths by providing perspectives from a wide variety of professions.
  • Build confidence in young people by giving them the opportunity to talk to and question the professionals.

Why not come along and share your path to success and inspire young people?

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