First Aid training 2015

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First Aid Training 2015 01The Urban Synergy Summer Events programme started off with First Aid training at the Civic Centre in Catford. The comprehensive course was expertly presented by paramedic Norman Abbot of the London Ambulance Service.

Subjects covered included: Heart attacks, CPR, Recovery position, Burns and Scalds, Heavy bleeding, Allergies and Anaphylactic Shock and Strokes. The sessions ended with mentees learning how to give CPR using dummies to the beat of Staying Alive.

The mentees asked lots of questions during the course and were presented with a First Certificate by Norman at the end.


[quote]Armani, 17: ‘I learnt CPR, the recovery position and handy medical facts’

Jada, 15: ‘I learnt it’s not hard to do CPR and to do the recovery position. I will store the information provided, as people in my family have strokes often. I enjoyed learning how to help someone.’

Jonas, 14: ‘I learnt how to save someone’s life.’

Drey, 14: ‘I enjoyed doing the CPR.’ (The practical exercises that the young people did on the CPR dummies provided.)

Ramayne, 14: ‘I learnt that if someone is allergic to peanuts and you have eaten or touched some peanuts, it could be dangerous to breath, touch or be around them. I also personally enjoyed the physical CPR activity.'[/quote]