Urban Synergy mentees at LSEG for Talent Accelerator

Young Talents thrive at LSEG Talent Accelerator Programme

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Urban Synergy mentees at LSEG for Talent Accelerator

Last week, we embarked on an exceptional journey launching our first Talent Accelerator programme in partnership with LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group). Tailored for 37 young people aged 16-24, over 4 days. This initiative offered an opportunity to enhance their skills and gain work and career insights at LSEG by being onsite for 2 days - the programme was repeated twice. This transformative two-day experience was filled with personal development, inspiration, empowerment, growth, and invaluable connections, leaving a lasting impact on all who participated. 

During these impactful days, our young talents took part in dynamic discussions, mock interviews, speed mentoring, crafted their CVs, showcased impressive presentations, and established valuable connections through networking. The passion, enthusiasm, and unwavering commitment shown by all participants have been genuinely inspiring.

Leila Thomas Founder & CEO said “It’s important we work together and create opportunities to close the widening inequality gap by unlocking the untapped potential of local young people. LSEG employees have provided guidance and inspiration, expanding the talent pipeline, increasing social mobility, racial equity and gender parity.  This work benefits everyone as it supports the UK Financial services sector's aim to be globally more diverse in the future.” 

The programme received great feedback all round.

Mentee Feedback: Felicia, aged 22

‘It's been great, especially for me as someone who's at the start of their career and trying to transition from one sector to another. I've been given the opportunity to build my network, meet mentors and people in the field I am looking to go into.’  

Volunteer feedback: Awah Tumban, Expert in Collateral & Liquidity Management at LSEG:  

‘I’d like to say an amazing thank you to Urban Synergy for creating such a massive opportunity. It's been a humbling experience for myself learning from the younger generation, and being in a position to offer advice has been great. I am learning so much from the young people and it has helped me better myself as a mentor.’ 

A heartfelt thank you to the LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group) volunteers who generously shared their expertise and time, making this workshop an enriching experience for all. Your guidance and support have played a crucial role in shaping the future of these young talents. Big thank you to Catherine Johnson, Group General Counsel, for sponsoring our first talent accelerator pilot programme and to everyone for making the event so special.

Together, we're shaping a brighter future where skill-building and partnership pave the way for success!