Help Urban Synergy win a Lloyds Community Fund grant

Trevor Cole News

Urban Synergy has made the shortlist for the Lloyds Community Fund 2013. This fund provides grants to support more than 1,300 local good causes in villages, towns and cities across England, Wales and the Isle of Man.

There are four good causes shortlisted in each community area. The two groups with the most votes will each receive £3,000 and the other two, £300 each.


In order to vote for Urban Synergy either:

click on the link here and enter your name and email address to register your vote

or vote by SMS. Just text VOTE VMND to 61119. If voting from the the Isle of Man, please text VOTE VMND to 447860016016.

Only one SMS per phone number. Texts will be charged at your mobile network provider’s standard rate.

The vote runs from Monday 23rd September 2013 to Friday 1 November 2013.