Urban Synergy Mentee Alumni event at Paternoster Square

Catching up with our Mentoring Programme Alumni


Urban Synergy Mentee Alumni event at Paternoster Square

Earlier this month, We met up with some of our Urban Synergy alumni at The London Stock Exchange Group for an evening of networking and dinner. The event was attended by the Youth Council, who discussed exciting ideas for upcoming events and future opportunities, aligning with our mission to inspire, guide, and ignite the ambitions of young people.

We saw former mentees, including Gavin Kamara, now a SEO Manager, share their experiences with Urban Synergy. Gavin spoke about his involvement with us at just 13 years old and his role in launching role model seminars, which have continued to this day.

I joined Urban Synergy when I was 13, and part of the initiative was to start a role model seminar because, at the time, we didn't see any representation of people of colour in good careers. We wanted to bring that to our school and it was a massive success and we've carried it on since then!
Gavin Kamara, SEO Manager

Having mentees remain part of our network is testament to the success and passion of the Urban Synergy Team. The lifecycle that sees mentees returning as Role Models and Mentors, shines a light on what can be achieved and gives our young people the opportunity to hear first hand about their predecessors journeys.

Hannah-Destiny said “I got the chance to hear the first-hand experiences from past alumni who talked about what the program had offered them and what they took from it. They also discussed the progress that they had made and where they are now. It was inspiring to see, not only other people who had completed the program, but also what opportunities that had led to finishing it.”

As we continue to empower youth and provide opportunities for skill development, we are grateful for the support of our alumni who come back to mentor and inspire new mentees. We also love sharing in their successes and cheering them on to more!