Bonus Pastor 2012

Urban Synergy continues Academic Seminars at Bonus Pastor

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Bonus Pastor Academic Seminar 2012On Wednesday 24th October, Urban Synergy launched their “Think Further” academic mentoring seminar at Bonus Pastor Catholic Secondary School. This event consisted of six young and inspiring business people on a panel and a short one to one seminar with students towards the end. This gave them a chance to ask any questions they had.

Co-host of the evening, Taylor Dior, asked the panel where they see themselves in five years time. Ope Alimi gave the response that she will either be building up her career as an accountant or running a self-business. Additionally, Microsoft specialist Martin Imafidon said he sees himself as a junior executive at IBM or Microsoft in five years time.

Although the panel have fairly different work fields, they all seemed to share four particular tips on how to stay on track.

  • Know and aim for what you want to achieve
  • Read often
  • Turn every negative critic into a positive challenge
  • Surround yourself with positive people who want you to succeed

Overall the evening came down as a great success as students were given advice that will help them through their education as well as their life. For this we would like to give special thanks to the panellists who took their time out to attend the event as well as Bonus Pastor for allowing us to host this seminar at their school.

Feedback from students

[quote]I enjoyed the panel opening up and being honest. Urban Synergy should have more seminars to encourage more young youths for a brighter future.

I think it was a good opportunity for me. I really understood where they were coming from. It has inspired me to be a hard working student now to be able to achieve my career and future.

Gloria, age 13yrs Bonus Pastor

I enjoyed listening to young people talking about life challenges. I as a young person can relate to.

I think Urban Synergy is a very beneficial event for young people to start thinking about their future, careers they will choose as they grow up.

Callan aged 15yrs Bonus Pastor

Ope made me realise that their are more opportunities out there. I will concentrate on my studies and strive to be the best. I will sell myself to the world.

Iain Aged 15yrs Bonus Pastor

Martin Imafidon and Marcell Reid inspired me. Although Martin didn’t start off well in life he changed his ways for his education and now he can do things that if he didn’t change he wouldn’t be able to do. I will try to attend school on time and work well for my future and pick the right friends.

Shanelle aged 13 Bonus Pastor

I learnt that you should always surround yourself with people who can motivate you because they will be the ones who you can gain from and they will make sure you don’t get distracted.

Michael Isola inspired me. He seemed very motivated and proud of his achievements. His positive attitude reminded me that I also could be a graduate of Oxford like him. I will no longer be complacent towards working and i’ll make correct use of my time. I will aslo make extra effort in and out of school and i’ll use the people that inspire me to keep motivated.

Temi aged 13years Bonus Pastor

I learnt that if you put in a lot of effort eventually it will pay off. I need to work hard and always do my best and never give up. Also I should appreciate the stuff I have.

I will study the subjects that I need to become a pilot. I might do some languages so that when I apply for the job I can have some advantage over other people.

Kamil aged 14yrs Bonus Pastor

I learnt that strive to be the best. Turn every negative to a positive. Prepare. Set yourself goals. Dont get put off by heavy work load. Where one door closes that another door opens.

I will push myself to achieve and exceed my goals. I will motivate myself to revise and gain the grades I know I deserve.

Urban Synergy is an amazing opportunity.

Alysha aged 14yrs Bonus Pastor

I enjoyed listening to everyones experiences because they seem similar to mine, and it made me rethink my school targets.

Isaac aged 13yrs Bonus Pastor

I learnt that you have to stay motivated to in order to achieve your target grades.

I think the seminar is an opportunity for young people to learn about how people can achieve their dreams.

Anthony aged 14yrs Bonus Pastor

All of the panel inspired me. I will work hard, ask questions and set reasonable goals.

Tobi aged 10yrs

I will be more enthusiastic about revisions, tests and results.

I learnt that I shouldn’t strive for the best but the greatest. Things don’t come to you, you have to go to them.

Marcus aged 14yrs Bonus Pastor