Summer Events Programme 2012

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Climbing Wall

The Reach Indoor WallUrban Synergy runs a number of activities and workshops during the summer months as part of a Life Enrichment Programme. This year, the activities kicked off with an indoor climbing activity at The Reach, Woolwich. Mentees were joined by Urban Synergy organisers and mentors in a fun activity to learn climbing and team working. Everyone joined in to climb the challenging indoor walls and abseil back down to the ground. The instructors then produced blindfolds and each person had to climb the wall using only vocal instructions from their team below, it was quite a challenge!

Our thanks to everyone at The Reach Climbing Wall for making this such a fun and challenging activity.


First Aid Training

First Aid TrainingThe Summer Events programme continued this week with First Aid Training given by Norman Abbott from the London Ambulance Service. Mentees went through the Emergency Life Support Course and learnt a number of key skills that could save lives.

The course covered:

  • Safe approach to a collapsed/injured person
  • Recovery position
  • Recognition of absence of normal breathing
  • Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  • Signs & Symptoms of a Heart Attack
  • First aid for a Heart Attack
  • Severe Bleeding
  • First aid for Severe Bleeding
  • Burns & Scalds
  • First aid for burns & Scalds

Our thanks once again to Norman Abbott, Community Resusitation Officer, London Ambulance Service NHS Trust who presented the course.

Personal Grooming Workshop

Personal Grroming WorkshopThis workshop was presented by DJ Elayne Smith who covered a number of topics to help mentees learn the importance of person grooming, diet and body language.

  • Taking care of your body and skin
  • Healthy eating
  • Deportment: use of positive body language in different situations e.g. interview situation creating impressive first impression in the first few seconds of meeting and greeting someone by practicing interview situations.
  • Building confidence by the way you stand, walk, sit, your appearance, body language, eye contact
  • Taking care of overall appearance
  • Have high aspirations
  • Surround yourself by positive people
  • How to behave in an interview situation

Feedback from the mentees:

[quote]Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop I wanted it to go on longer, learnt how to build my confidence and keeping healthy, looking forward to the rest of Urban Synergy summer 2012 activities

I enjoyed learning about looking after myself and learning how to walk properly, the activity raised my self-esteem and taught me the importance of personal hygiene, self-image and keeping healthy. 

The activity went well, I learnt how to act around people in an interview situation.[/quote]