Students visiting PwC offices for insights into AI

Unveiling the World of A.I. and Beyond: Prendergast Sixth Form Students’ Eye-Opening Trip to PwC


Students visiting PwC offices for insights into AI

We recently hosted an exciting Corporate Insight Day in collaboration with PwC,, where 30 talented students from Prendergast Sixth Form joined us. The event offered thought-provoking discussions and valuable insights, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in harnessing the power of A.I. and shaping the future.

We were privileged to have inspiring guest speakers, including Albertha Charles, who shared her remarkable journey with our students. Our role model panel featuring Harry Dobson, Israt Sawda, Jason Hsu, and Mahnoor Baig also provided valuable insights.

Israt Sawda said, "A big thank you to Urban Synergy for giving us the opportunity to engage with such talented young individuals. It was an incredible day where we had the chance to learn more about their ambitions, particularly in tech roles and finance. From a PwC perspective, we hope that we were able to inspire them and provide valuable information. We look forward to the possibility of mentoring them in the future to help them achieve their goals."

We sincerely thank PwC UK for hosting and supporting our mission to empower young people and provide valuable opportunities. Together, we can inspire and nurture the next generation!

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