Urban Synergy Jack Petchey Award Winners 2023

Four of Our Mentees Honoured with Prestigious Jack Petchey Award

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Urban Synergy Jack Petchey Award Winners 2023

We are delighted to announce that four of our mentees, Oleksandr Vovchanchyn, Leyna, Abdulkarim Bouazza, and Elise, have been honoured with the prestigious Jack Petchey Award

Their dedication and commitment to making a positive impact have set them apart. Oleksandr's engaging spirit and work experience at UK Power Networks earned him the award, while Leyna's outstanding role as a volunteer and remarkable role model led to well-deserved recognition. Abdulkarim displayed resilience and consistent improvement in the WTW Dream Big programme, overcoming initial challenges. Elise was acknowledged for her exceptional volunteering efforts with the WTW Dream Big program, impressing her teacher with her commitment and enthusiasm. 

These success stories exemplify the impact of our mentoring programs and the remarkable achievements of our mentees. We are incredibly proud of these award winners and their exceptional achievements. We look forward to witnessing their continued journey and the positive impact they will undoubtedly make. Congratulations to Oleksandr, Leyna, Abdulkarim, and Elise!