Stefan Harriot Success Story

My Like-Minded Mentor was the Best Part

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Stefan Harriot Success Story

Stefan, now 18, joined the Urban Synergy e-Mentoring programme in December 2020 and was matched with Romeo Radanyi, Director - Quantum, at Moody’s. Romeo’s experience as a technology architect was key to us matching him with Stefan. We caught up with Stefan to see how he found the e-Mentoring programme and what he is up to now.

When I had the opportunity to join the programme and have a mentor for myself, I couldn't say no.

From quite an early age, I was around people who had been part of the Urban Synergy mentoring programme. Seeing the benefits they gained from it, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of it. Mentoring is known to be beneficial not only in school but also in the professional workplace.

The best part of the mentoring programme for me was having a like-minded mentor.

I had a strong interest in technology but didn't have many peers with similar experiences or anyone further along in their careers. It was really beneficial to have someone to talk to who had similar interests and experiences.

I'm currently doing a Data analysis apprenticeship at London Stock Exchange which I started in October.

It's been really enjoyable, my team is really good. It's an excellent company to work for, and everyone is really helpful. Urban Synergy has held a few events at London Stock Exchange so it's been great to get involved on that side of things too

One of the skills I developed through the programme was presentation skills.

During the programme, I worked on improving my presentation skills, and it paid off in my role as a data analyst at the London Stock Exchange. I’ve had the chance to present to senior colleagues at different levels, and with time I have become more confident.

Urban Synergy played a crucial role in helping me decide on my future career.

Initially, I was interested in technology but was unsure about the specific path I wanted to take, whether it was building solutions or focusing on data. Through discussions with my mentor, I explored different roles within the industry based on my interests and skills. As a result, I pursued a career in data analysis, which incorporates both technical aspects and presenting skills.

The advice I’d give future mentees is to ask as many questions as possible

When you have a mentor, you have access to them to a certain extent so you can pick their brain as much as possible. You can't always get the opportunity to speak to someone within the corporate industry or someone who’s in a position you want to be in. Be inquisitive, make sure to research what they do and find out which skills helped them get into their position.