Kender Primary Role Model Seminar

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Urban Synergy were at Kender Primary school to deliver another Role Model Seminar. The hall was filled with an audience of 116 children from Years 5 & 6 (aged 9/10 & 10/11yrs) who were there to meet role models and listen to the panelists representing different industries, the panelists were:

  • Karen Bell, Sub-Officer - London Fire Brigade
  • Simon Raper, Statistician & Data Scientist - Coppelia Machine Learning & Analytics
  • Leon Coltress, Sergeant - Metropolitan Police
  • Dolores Barrett, Senior District Crown Prosecutor - Crown Prosecution Service

Karen, Sub Officer explained why she joined the London Fire Brigade ‘I wanted to make a difference.’ Karen also said ‘don’t let society dictate to you what you can or cannot do. Always have a plan B. Prepare. Fail to prepare be prepared to fail.’

Simon, Statistician & Data Scientist said ‘it doesn’t matter how much you have strayed off your chosen path, you can still get back on it. Don’t give up. Always do something you love and you will do well at it. Be useful - be really useful.’ Simon also said ‘be nice to people and you will go a long way.’

Leon, Sergeant at the Metropolitan Police said ‘it’s about pushing the boundaries, it’s about having the faith that you can achieve - make sure that you also have a plan B.’

Dolores, Senior District Crown Prosecutor said ‘think about where you want to end up and focus on getting there. You must have a dream and dream big and never give up. If you can see me, you can be me.’ Dolores told the children ‘if someone says you can’t do anything you want, don’t argue with them - just prove them wrong.’

The children proved some feedback for us about their seminar experience, which we have featured below:

‘I learned that a long time ago people were sexist and racist about most jobs. I will always be resilient, even in the face of doubt and always be ready and give my all.’

‘The role models inspired me and motivated me by showing me that I can be anything I want to be in life.’

‘I will be ambitious and try to achieve my goals. The Data scientist inspired me as he made robots and was really creative.’

‘You have to have a dream to be successful. I will study harder and be on time for school.’