RISE Digital Workshop at Somerset House

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RISE02Following on from the success of the digital & social media session with media consultant Andrew Davies in July, the students taking part in the Barclays RISE Programme, embarked on another enthralling digital workshop, this time delivered by Freeformers a Barclays partner at the iconic Somerset House on Thursday 13th August.

About the day

The young students were taught by trainers Leah Beah and Leian John-Baptiste how to code using HTML and CSS – understanding how the web works and how digital products are developed. They were then helped to put that knowledge to practical effect by making an ‘About me’ webpage and turning it into an app on their phones.

The students were tasked to come up with a new app idea, present it to the group and prototype it – gaining a new understanding and perspective of the customer journey and the power of user interface and user experience, with prizes going to the best design!


Student Feedback

“Making the webpage and building the mobile phone app was fun”. Porche Jones-Graham

“It has inspired me to create my own mobile app specific to a hobby I enjoy!” Michael Amankwa

“Everything was good, even the tips on how to use social media. I also enjoyed the creative part of the day, overall a really good day!”. Thomas Stephenson