Prodigal Youth Debate


Prodical Youth DebateOne of Urban Synergy’s Mentors, Barrister Laurie-Anne from Carmelite Chambers was one of the judges for the Prodigal Youth Debate in Lambeth earlier this year.

Wednesday 25 March 2009, 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue: Assembly Hall, Lambeth Town Hall, SW2 1RP

The Prodigals Education Trust, in association with Lambeth Youth Council Peers Educators and SE1 United Youth Forum, is staging the first of a series of debating competitions to find a new generation of young people who are reflective and critical thinkers and talented orators.

Prodical Youth DebateThe debate will be judged by a panel of highly respected individuals. Talented artists will be performing tracks from ‘The Prodigals’ soundtrack album “No Place Like Home” (scheduled for release on April 20th, 2009) and a special screening of “The Prodigals” film will set the context for the evening’s event.


The aim is to provide new and creative opportunities for young people to research, reflect and debate issues that impact on their daily lives. The Prodigals Education Trust aims to engage young people making the transition to adulthood, and to develop them as positive and active citizens, with the confidence, self-esteem and skills they need to examine issues, events or problems from different perspectives. Ultimately, the Trust aims to use debating as a vehicle to help connect their own and others experiences in creative ways, and to help challenge their own and others? assumptions.

Learning Outcomes:

During the debate young people will be able to communicate their ideas in relevant ways for different audiences. In preparation for the debate, they will learn to work in teams and collaborate with each other to work towards common goals. They will develop their negotiation skills as well as the ability to manage discussions in order to reach agreements and to achieve desired results. We aim to increase young people’s self-confidence, communication and presentation skills by challenging them to present persuasive and plausible arguments and evidence on a range of issues and from a range of viewpoints.

Who should attend?

  • Young people aged 13-19 years old and their parents or carers
  • Staff in schools, FE colleges and the Connexions service
  • Staff and young people from youth centres and other informal settings
  • Others working directly with young people in the voluntary and community sector
  • Lead members and officers for Children & Young People Services
  • Other Councillors