Quotes from St Matthew Pupils

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” Urbansynergy are amazing they want the next generation to succeed by inspiring and giving use real life examples of success” Elijah, 14

”That was a brilliant evening I feel that if they can do it so can I. Thank you Urbansynergy” Kunle , 15

” The main thing that I learnt from the speakers is that Determination and hardwork are the keys to success. I am going to focus on my education and read the newspapers every day” Patrick, 15

” I have never met so many successful people in my life and they gave up their time to meet and help me and my friends. Urban Synergy are amazing” Gus, aged 15

” If they believe in us we can’t fail” Valance, 15

” I met a Banker a Doctor and a Lawyer and they all have similar qualities, dedication and commitment to meet their dreams. I want to follow their lead” Victor,15

” I’m black, proud and Urban Synergy have given me a target to aim for” Devon, 14

” I met a pilot tonight and I feel I can fly now too” Jibow, 15

”  Every student in the country should have this experience. I needed to wake up and they did that loudly” OJ, 15

” I wanted to be a footballer but now have other ideas that I never thought possible before” Dane 15

” Urban synergy are wicked” Rochelle, 12.

The impact that Urban Synergy has had on our school community is simply awe inspiring. To see some of our most disengaged students focussing on their future and engaging with Inspirational successful figures was invigorating for me as an educator.

I have almost been able to taste the change in attitude and perception towards their studies and a new found resolve amongst our students since working with Urban Synergy.

The passion and heart that Urban Synergy has is driven by the commitment to empowering the next generation of black leaders in the United Kingdom. As they say ‘The heart of a volunteer is the strongest’ and Urban Synergy have given the strong foundation on which our students can build upon.

I firmly believe as President Roosevelt said that ” we cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”.  In my opinion Urban Synergy is the living example of this philosophy.

Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless. Urban Synergy are Priceless and Heaven sent.

Martin Nirsimloo, Vice Principal