WTW launches second year of the ‘DreamBig@WTW’ program

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WTW launches second year of the ‘DreamBig@WTW’ program. Helping youth develop skills in underrepresented communities.

The three-year program is in partnership with Urban Synergy

London, 12 March 2024 – WTW, a leading global advisory and broking solutions company has launched DreamBig@WTW. This Innovative international program supports young people from marginalised communities in the United Kingdom to develop business and life skills.

In partnership with Urban Synergy, the DreamBig@WTW program specifically targets young people facing socioeconomic adversities through an intensive three-year program. Our focus is squarely on mentorship, experience and giving back.

Aimed at 15–18-year-olds - to support them through their key transition stages - the program provides skills-based training that will enable the young people to engage and learn about all aspects of WTW’s People, Risk, and Capital business segments – including the vital skills of problem-solving, data analytics, and communication.

Urban Synergy and WTW mentors will meet with youth monthly during the school year to help them build confidence to ‘dream big’ and develop skills in pursuing their future careers.

The program also offers paid summer internships within a line of business at WTW, and guidance to reinvest skills in their communities.

In addition to helping empower future entrepreneurs and business leaders, we hope to develop strong communities as well. We are committed to strengthening our communities’ social, emotional, and economic wellbeing and equally as important, to growing a qualified, diverse, and local workforce.
Cheree Psalms, Co-Head of DreamBig
There is no greater legacy than preparing those who come after us to achieve exponentially even greater things than we did. This program affords access into a financial area of business and society where minority and marginalized groups have historically been underrepresented and in some cases, excluded, and we are catalyzing that change.
Dorothy Wilkes, Co-Head of DreamBig
Top business people have mentors, so I’m delighted that this partnership with WTW and the DreamBig program means young people can too. Thank you to WTW and DreamBig for being the incredible catalyst in developing the talent of the future today.
CEO and Founder Leila Thomas. Urban Synergy
It’s an absolute pleasure and an honour to watch young people thriving and developing through the DreamBig program with WTW’s support. Thank you. My thanks also go to the young people and mentors who are turning career dreams into reality.
Dianne Johnson, Head of Programmes, Urban Synergy.

About WTW
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About Urban Synergy
Urban Synergy is a charity founded in 2007 that has helped more than 27,000 young people in the UK get into work and higher education through mentoring.

Through mentors and career role models, we inspire, guide and ignite the ambitions of students and young people aged 9-24 years of age.

We connect them to outstanding mentors and industry-leading companies that will help them see how their skills fit into the workplace, gain confidence, and access opportunities, as they take their first steps to career success.