Honouring the late Neil Flanigan MBE



We were truly saddened to learn of the passing this week of Neil Flanigan, MBE, who was a friend to so many at Urban Synergy.

Neil, who would have turned 100 in May, led a life of great adventure and public service. As the 39th person from Jamaica to volunteer for the RAF, he trained as ground crew and worked on aircraft taking part in Operation Market-Garden in World War II.

Aspects of his military bravery were captured in this Urban Synergy blog in 2020 and in depth in this Living Memorial short interview.

Tales include Neil boarding a ship with other soldiers to cross the German infiltrated Atlantic ocean in a convoy, their journey to England took four weeks.

Following the War, Neil became involved in community activities, such as volunteering at the Citizens Advice Bureau and his local hospital.

He also became President of the West Indian Association of Service Personnel, a self-help group that supported ex-service men and women from the Caribbean now based in the UK.

This article in The Voice describes how in his 90s, Neil was an active member of Urban Synergy for over 10 years, regularly visiting inner city primary and secondary schools and sixth form colleges together with a team of professionals from the private and public sector.

Neil also featured in this article in The Voice newspaper, speaking in praise of charities like ours that seek to support and increase the opportunities for young people.

We send our sincerest condolences to Neil’s family and friends, and all who knew him. Thank you, Neil, for your service to Britain, to Urban Synergy, and your community.