Addey & Stanhope students inspired by Goldman Sachs

NigelRole Model Seminars


Urban Synergy delivered a Speed Mentoring event with Goldman Sachs volunteers as part of their Community Team Works volunteering on Friday 15th December at Addey & Stanhope School. Over 240 students aged 14-16 years took part in the event to learn about different careers from the volunteers and 100% said they learned about a career they were not aware of before.

Some of the student feedback is below:

‘I enjoyed the advice of the volunteers and the experiences they shared with me.’

‘This workshop helped me to improve my knowledge of the real world.’

‘I have learned that I need to know what I truly want to do instead of what others tell me to do.’

Thank you to all of the Goldman Sachs volunteers and also to Addey & Stanhope School for their help and hospitality during the event.