Corporate Insight Day at BlackRock: A Day of Career Exploration and Inspiration



We recently hosted a successful Corporate Insight Day at BlackRock, where 30 students from Prendergast School explored exciting career prospects within the corporate world. Students had the opportunity to listen to our amazing panel of role models and actively participate in a dynamic speed mentoring session.

The Role Model panel expertly decoded their roles for the students and shared career insights to help guide their future paths. Managing Director, Henry Odogwu, set the tone with an insightful introduction to BlackRock and its mission. Sharing his own incredible career journey, he ignited a sense of possibility and ambition among the students.

Other panellists included Simone White, Esther Perkins, CFA, Ben Nye, Aisha Caldwell, and Olivia Rusek. Each panellist shared their own unique experiences and offered valuable advice to the students, who were engaged and eager to learn.

The Corporate Insight Day at BlackRock was a valuable experience for the students. They learned about different career paths, gained valuable insights, and met inspiring role models. We are grateful to the panellists for sharing their time and expertise with the students.