Mentoring has been incredibly rewarding

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Urban Synergy foundation relies on mentors from our partner companies, joining our programmes to help young people with early career insight. Lydia works at the London Stock Exchange Group as a Fixed Income & Multi-Asset Index Product Manager and joined the Urban Synergy mentoring programme in 2022. We sat down with her to find out more about her experience joining Urban Synergy as a mentor.

When did you join Urban Synergy and how did you learn about the charity?

I found out about Urban Synergy through a colleague of mine at the company I work for, the London Stock Exchange Group, Tola Omotayo, who is the global co-chair of BEING (Black Employee Inspired Network).

Why did you decide to become an Urban Synergy mentor?

I think that by experiencing the graduate programme I completed at LSEG, as well as applying to internships while at university, I thought I would be able to share some skills or advice with young people about what that was like.

I think that a career in finance can be very intimidating, given the stereotypical view of what it’s like or what it requires, especially as a young woman. I was very lucky to have had friends or family in the industry who could give me help and advice when I needed it for interviews etc and I benefited from that hugely- so I wanted to give back in the same way.

How have you found being a mentor to help you build your character?

It has been incredibly rewarding to see someone growing and improving, and especially to hear about the amazing progress Princela has made since we first connected.
It’s also given me the opportunity to develop skills in coaching and guiding others, which I am sure will help me as I progress through my own career- fostering and maintaining relationships, communication and working towards an end goal together.

What would you say to people who are considering becoming an Urban Synergy mentor?

Specifically for those who are relatively early in their career, like myself, I would say don’t underestimate what you can draw on to help other young people looking to think ahead about their career. You still have something to offer of value even if you’re at a relatively early career stage, and the whole experience was so rewarding and enjoyable.

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