Delta Capita insight day, all the students and role models gathered together for a smiley photo

Delta Capita Insight Day

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Delta Capita insight day, all the students and role models gathered together for a smiley photo

A huge thank you to Delta Capita for using their volunteering day to host a career skills workshop for 30 Year 9 Students from Haberdashers Knights’ Academy at their office in Gracechurch Street. 

Delta Capita we are committed to ensuring our workplaces and workforce are as diverse and inclusive as possible.

Students participated in an interactive CV writing workshop, received an introduction to Consulting, and got to ask professionals questions about their careers and career journeys.

Getting to visit and tour office buildings is a vital part of the work we do at Urban Synergy, as many young people will not have ever had the opportunity to see the inside of an office. Young people go from thinking offices are grey and boring, to seeing how exciting and full of life they are!

Lex Monioro, Senior Consultant, Delta Capita

“The energy in the room was contagious, the students really came out of their shell, and they were finding creative methods to negotiate with each other to generate as much money as possible.”

Oscar Willis, Associate Consultant, Delta Capita

“Every single student got involved and what resulted was 45 minutes of competitive fun.”

“The day was finished off by a Q&A session in which the flow of questions was constant, and proved just how engaged the students had been by their recall from earlier sessions.”

Isabel Davies, Associate Consultant, Delta Capita

“This project was extremely rewarding due to the opportunity to inspire and guide the next generation. I look forward to more opportunities to engage with the younger local communities that engage with Delta Capita via the Urban Synergy Programme.”

Find out how you can get involved here.

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