International Women’s Day

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Cynthia Lawrence ThompsonToday is International Woman’s Day. This annual event is celebrated by people all over the globe to appreciate women and the contributions they’ve made to the world. There are many ladies who have been influential in my life and thanks to Urban Synergy, Cynthia Lawrence Thompson has been one of them.

Cynthia was my mentor whilst in secondary school, but we still keep in touch with each other up to this day. She is an inspiration to me in several ways, the main one being that she is a Journalist, which is the profession I aspire to be in. However, I also admire her journey of how she acquired this position.

When I first begun the Urban Synergy mentoring programme, I wasn’t completely sure what career I wanted to pursue. I always knew I wanted to write but wasn’t sure in what context it would be. Gradually, through my sessions with Cynthia and work experience at The Voice Newspaper (which she made possible for me to partake in) I developed an interest in Journalism, which has now become a passion. Nothing helped… Physiotherapy, massages, etc. At night wake up from the pain. Painkillers do not help. Now I take 10 mg. Valium and the pain are gone. Finally without pain. Now find the cause, because I think you should not take the drug for long. I’m very satisfied.

Furthermore, Cynthia gave me advice on a range of topics throughout secondary school and was always listening with a non-judgmental approach. Her kind, caring and relatable character made it easy for me to converse and confide in her. Although Cynthia no longer officially holds the title as my mentor, we still occasionally meet for a catch up and she still continues to inspire and motivate me.

Happy International Women’s Day!
By: Maxine Harrison