Mentor Training Summer 2010

New mentors complete training


Mentor Training Summer 2010With the new school term upon us, Urban Synergy has completed the training of more than 30 new mentors over several weekends at the Thomson Reuters building in Docklands. As usual, we’ve had mentors from many different professions including banking, IT, teachers, architects and barristers. The training was provided by Paul and Tony of the Life Skills Training Consultancy (LSTC) and feedback was very positive, rating both the course and trainer as excellent.

Some of the feedback included:

Things that you have learnt on this program which you can use today;

  • ‘There was a lot of very useful information that will help me with my mentoring and my business. Excellent program which was too short. Thank you very much.’
  • ‘All aspects on mentoring objectives, safe-guarding, group dynamics. Very good at sharing experiences. Good working tools to assist in going into mentoring.’
  • ‘1. Style of listening. 2. The need for goals. The importance of asking.’
  • ‘Communicating effectively. Smart goals. Safeguarding.’
  • ‘How to become a good mentor and safeguard yourself and the child’
  • ‘Importance of listening and styles. Body language, reinforcement of asking.’
  • ‘When you talk you teach, when you listen you learn.’
  • ‘Communicating, delivery and perception. How goals are broken down and therefore become achievable.’

Additional comments

  • ‘I enjoyed the course and the group. Great motivating trainer with a good sense of humour. The contents and material was just right. Thank you.’
  • A very engaging speaker and great at group activities and discussions. BRILLIANT’
  • ‘Very good. More role plays please. These ensured messages hit home.’
  • The training has given me good information and examples of how to achieve my goal of becoming a good mentor and how to present myself.’
  • ‘Found the training inspiring and meeting like-minded people was refreshing, to know there are positive attitudes. Compliments to the person who prepared the food, as this was fantastic.’