Corporate Insight Day with Symphony

NigelCorporate Insight Day


30 sixth form students aged 16-17 years from Prendergast Sixth form in Lewisham, south London, attended an insight day at Symphony's London office. The students were introduced to the CEO, Brad Levy, visiting from their New York office who introduced Symphony and provided some insights from his career journey.

The students also learned more about the different careers in the company from information shared by the panellists Dietmar Fauser, Corinna Mitchell, Mario Orphanou and Odette Maher from: Product management, Engineering and IT, Legal, Communications & Corporate Affairs and Community, Product Management: Community, Networks & Directory. Symphony volunteers from other departments also took part in the event to speak to students about their roles and responsibilities and encourage the students to ask questions.

The students highly rated the insight day and 100% of them were not aware of Symphony before attending the event, 100% felt they had learned what skills were valued in the workplace.

Thank you to all of the Symphony Communications volunteers for giving up part of their day and also to Lucinda Davis and her team, Odette Maher and Brad Levy for taking the time to meet the students at the Corporate Insight Day.