Bonus Pastor Role Model Seminar

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On Tuesday 21st February 2017, Urban Synergy held another inspirational Role Model Seminar at Bonus Pastor Catholic College for years 8-10. The seminar was very well attended, 25 Role Models attended with 88 students and over 50 parents supported them on the evening. The seminar was expertly facilitated by Anthony Graham, Solicitor, Amosu Robinshaw and Urban Synergy Role Model.

The panel consisted of:

  • William Schomberg – Chief UK Economics Correspondent, Thomson Reuters
  • Rufaro Chiriseri – Associate, Discretionary Portfolio Management
  • Michael Adesite – Management Consultant, Ernst and Young
  • Troy Von Scheibner – TV Magician/Entertainer

Stand firm, succeed, and have a career in lifeNeil Flannigan MBE
The panels share with the students aspects their career journeys, insights into their jobs and details of how they overcame any challenges along the way and after open Q&As continued with the exhilarating ‘speed mentoring session’s’ giving the students the opportunity to hear from the other roles models present from industries such as law, media, film, banking and much more.

Before leaving, students were treated to a surprise visit by War Veteran, Neil Flanigan, MBE who impressed to the students the importance of savouring the opportunity to hear from so many positive role models. Neil, who was born in Jamaica and travelled to England in 1943 to join the Royal Air Force.

“Top Tips” from the Role Models

William Schomberg – Chief UK Economics Correspondent, Thomson Reuters

“Learn multiple foreign languages”

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes (when speaking a foreign language”

“Know what you want to do”

“Be clear what you want to do and be determined…”

Troy Von Scheibner – TV Magician/Entertainer

“Keep your head down…focus on yourself and something will happen”

Michael Adesite – Management Consultant, Ernst and Young

“Never allow anyone to decide what your destination will be”

“Positive affirmation, tell yourself you are beautiful, tell yourself you are smart.”

“Choices that you make today will determine where you will be in 5 years time”

“Make sure you have good friends, make sure you choose the right subjects”

Keith Davidson – Educational Consultant

“You need to strive to become an expert…if you are not an expert you need to look for the job, if you are an expert, people seek after you!”

“Invest (in yourself) for the long term, invest for future gain”

Neil Flanigan – WW11 Veteran

“The nation needs you”

“Ambition is the word”

Student Feedback

Bijou aged 13yrs
‘I learned that dedication is very important, you must work hard and later life will fall in place. All of the role models inspired me because they all showed real passion in the field that they work in.’

Teegan aged 12.5yrs
‘I learned that I need to work hard to become successful – I enjoyed speaking with individual role models.’

Melissa, aged 13yrs
‘You can achieve anything you want with determination and hard work. I will study more and practice to achieve my dreams. I enjoyed meeting all of these amazing people who have achieved a lot.’

Jonathan, aged 14yrs
‘Whatever you want to do in the future, you should never give up on your goals. Whatever you do now will be your result in the future.’

Amelia, aged 13yrs
‘I learned that you should not let anyone tell you that you can’t do what you want to do – don’t give up and stay on track.’

Chloe, aged 13yrs
‘Michael, one of the role models he personally inspired me and pushed me when he said just believe and choose your friends wisely.’

‘I need to not focus on the negative comments from anyone else and focus on what I am, can be and what I want. Michael inspired me because he is from my ends – South East he understands the struggle for us, thank you to him.’

Niamh, aged 12yrs
‘I learned to work hard and to never give up on my dreams.’

Belle, aged 12.5yrs
‘I learned not to follow your friends, but follow yourself. Keith Davidson inspired me and what he said touched my heart a lot.’

Clara , aged 13yrs
‘You shouldn’t listen to people who bring you down and do something that you love and have passion for. I will work my hardest to achieve my goals.’