Academic Role Model Seminar Bonus Pastor Catholic College

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On Thursday 19th June 2014 well over 40 students, parents, and academic role models, resisted the temptation of England’s World Cup match, to attend a role model seminar at Bonus Pastor School Catholic School. The event was hosted by Urban Synergy Founder and Thomson Reuters Technical Project Manager Leila Thomas, and Kofi Siaw of Birmingham University, Law Class 2014.

The role models were drawn a diverse range of fields including Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Computer Science, International Development and Politics, Theology and Neuroscience.


  • Kieren Carty, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Manchester University
  • Shani Page Muir, International Development with Politics, Leeds University
  • Benjamin Hero, Computer Science, Loughborough University
  • Peter Adefioye, Theology, Cambridge University
  • Audrey N’gba, French, English Language, Literature, and Media Studies

What they Learned

“It doesn’t matter what your background is, you can still do fantastic. You should work smart to get far. Stay motivated” – Mase, 14

“I need to work hard to secure my future.” – Theresa, 13

“do what you enjoy and are good at. I have to work hard and present myself in a certain way to have an impression on people.” – Diavian, 13

“every step taken early affects the future” – Jada, 14

“That all children can reach their full potential with guidance and knowledge” – Marcia, Parent

“I need to work harder than I do now and my GCSEs are coming up now, so I have to be on the ball.” – Nathan, 13

“to be a successful person you have to be around the right people and work hard.” – Joshua, 14

“to be successful, I need to work with determination.” – Ellis, 53

“you have to work smart not hard. Your background is not a disadvantage. Do something which you are willing to wake up in the morning for” – Kearan, 14

“I have to work hard and do old question papers.” – Sean, 14

“I need to give 100% in all my lessons and also work smart as well as work hard and to do subjects I like because if I don’t study lessons I like, then the lessons I don’t like I’ll do bad in it.” – Matthew, 14

Actions They Will Take

“Work smart, stay motivated. I will give it my all in things even if they’re simple.” – Mase, 14

“think about what I want to do in the near future and improve my speaking skills..” – Joanita, 14

“do my best” – Patrick, 13

“Study smart!!” – Theresa, 13

“contact people to help me make progress to become a barrister.” – Diavian, 13

“plan my future and get activities to apply on my CV. Inspire people, focus hard and never aim low.” – Mohamed, 13

“get more practise papers for exams” – Rachel, 15

“need to do more work at home and work at home and do more work in school. Also answer my questions on text to my fullest capability” – Nathan, 13

“look around for chances to find them and grab them” – Agniesika, Parent

“make time for work. Not be distracted by wayward friends.” – Andrew, 14
“take my studies seriously” – Sean, 14


Top Tips

“Find a teacher or a role model and really listen to them.”
“Work hard”
“Grab opportunities where you can, you never know where will take you”
“Education is a prerequisite for success”
“Mentors are really important”
“Working hard is really important, and it is also important to have breaks and have fun doing the things that are really important to you”
“Extra curricula activities are really important to show that you are well rounded”
“Having a group and a network to work with is amazing”
“The biggest thing is learning how to learn”
“Find people who are like minded and want to succeed”
“Audio books are amazing”
“You have to be your own hero”
“Take every GCSE you do seriously aim for an A or a B”
“Together we stand and divide we fall, we should stand up and help everyone to be successful”
“Work smart and not hard”
“Past papers are the answers to GCSE, a lot of practise makes sense”
“Be aware of your environment”
“You need good mentors and friends around you”