Role Model seminar at Conisborough

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Urban Synergy Conisborough College Apr 2014 17Ten professionals from various walks of life including Entertainment, Aviation, Technology, Medicine, Finance, Central Government and the Law, converged on Conisborough College, in Catford to inspire an audience of over forty students and their parents.

The audience came away motivated, inspired by the ‘top tips’ and with some actions to take away to help them pursue their goals.


The panel consisted of:

  • Adrian Grant, Producer, Key Concerts
  • Colin Donaldson, Pilot, British Airways
  • Dawn Goring MBE, Prime Minister’s Press Office Manager, 10 Downing Street
  • Ricardo Medford, International Bag Maker, Ricci Alexander

The event was hosted by:

  • Dianne Johnson, Programme Manager, Urban Synergy & IT Specialist, BP

What they learned

“Success is in the mind” Veronica, 15

“Make changes, do what you love” Cherise

“to achieve what I desire, I cannot wait for the thing to come to me; but to use my time wisely doing things like research and talking to others who have reached the same goals. Also, I learnt that there is always a solution to the problem. I just need to not give up, criticism may not always be bad, it can help you improve.” Lily, 13

“teamwork is key, also that you should follow what you want to do.” Ellie-Linda, 13

“I learnt that I should talk to people. Also that whoever is or was what I want to be, I should find that person and get information. I should do things I enjoy and love.” Erun, 13

“You have to work as a team. Ask the right people for help. If your friends don’t want to achieve, don’t be with them.” Jessica, 13

Actions They Will Take

“Say no to distractions” Veronica, 15

“plan and organise my days, work day by day and see where my GCSE’s take me” Muhammed , 15

“not give up when I have made a mistake. Instead, I will learn and improve from those faults” Lily, 13

“To focus more and more and be determined whatever the problems were.” Erun, 13

“not give up and try harder” Neima, 13


Top Tips they received

“Be with like minded people, be around people who help you, and you help them”

“if you don’t enjoy it, you won’t excel”

“you may not like the people you work with but this is what you must overcome.”

“follow what you enjoy”

“stand your ground if you believe in yourself”

“reach for the stars and don’t give up”

“never take no for an answer, I would always find a strategy for getting there”

“constructive criticism – know how to take it and how to make it work for you”