Thriller Live

Urban Synergy mentees in theatreland, Thriller Live

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Thriller LiveAn Urban Synergy team member, US mentor and six mentees were the guests of Adrian Grant – Producer of Thriller Live on Sunday 14th August at the Lyric Theatre in Shaftesbury Avenue. Adrian welcomed the mentees with signed programmes from the cast followed by soft drinks in the VIP lounge area.

The US mentees were then told that they would be meeting the cast of Thriller Live on stage before the show, which they were all excited about. The mentees had the opportunity to ask Adrian about the role of the Producer and asked him for guidance and useful tips for aspiring actors/dancers. Adrian advised that you should get involved in as many productions as possible to get the experience, take the time to select a good agent and also go and see different shows and plays.Thriller Live The mentees asked the cast how they managed to overcome their nerves before performing in front of different audiences. One of the cast gave some valuable advice when he said that sometimes things can go wrong on the show, or you may attend numerous auditions without success. The key is to brush yourself down and keep pushing forward, remain positive as you will succeed in the end if you believe in yourself.

Urban Synergy would like to say a big thank you to Adrian Grant, the theatre staff and the cast of Thriller Live for a wonderful evening.