Goal Setting 2011

Summer Events: Goal Setting Workshop

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Goal Setting 2011Urban Synergy mentees recently attended a Goal Setting Workshop as part of the Summer Events Programme. Here, Sonia Palmer-Nestor explains more about the programme and it’s aims:

The goal setting workshop is designed to enable individuals to set their future goals, whether short or long term. The exercises and techniques are thought provoking and designed to assist participants in thinking about goal setting in a different way to what they might be used to. We start with the introductions and an exercise called ‘The Wheel of Life’, where the participants plot where they feel they are right now in terms of the different segments of their lives. We then do a ‘Values’ exercise which, unknown to the participants, gets them to give themselves advice on how to achieve their future goals. We then used the G.R.O.W. Model (Goal, Reality, Options and Will to action) to set future goals. As a group we explored various options of what can be done to assist individuals in achieving their goals. We also looked briefly at ‘Belief systems’, as they can drive us towards our goals or hold us back from achieving our goals.

Goal Setting 2011A powerful technique that helps with goal setting is called the ‘Time Line’ or ‘Power Outcomes’, where individuals can have an insight into what its like for them to achieve their goal. To ensure that goals will be achieved, it is important for them to be aligned to our values, passions and beliefs. The workshop gave participants the opportunity to look and explore these areas of their lives.

It never ceases to amaze me that most of the young people that I come into contact with on my workshops have achieved so much and have such great potential. This is one of the reasons why I love doing the workshops to give them an opportunity to acknowledge their achievements and to celebrate that success and to realise that with the right support, focus and drive, they can achieve anything that is within their reach.