Professional Auction Event 15th June 2008

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Thanks everyone for attending to support our young people and Urban Synergy. Thanks, due to your help we managed to raise £8000.

Here is some of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received.

More pictures will be published shortly.

Trevor Cole
on behalf of Urban Synergy


Thank you for inviting me to the Urban Synergy Charity Event on Sunday.

Although I did not have a winning bid, I had such a great time.  I was bidding for the cause, as opposed to the actual items, so took pleasure in bumping up the bid prices for the sake of it, which then forced the bidders who really wanted the items, to keep increasing their bids to compete against me!  So more money for Urban Synergy!

Can’t wait to hear how much cash was raised.

A lot of people are talking about the current situation with our young people, but very few are actually sacrificing and making maximum impact. You guys have already stood out as an organisation that is going to make a difference.

Before I forget I just want to send a warm thank you to you and the Urban Synergy team who organised yesterday’s event. It really was a wonderful evening, and I really enjoyed myself.


Just wanted to say what a great night. I knew little about Urban Synergy before I arrived, but by the end of the night the conclusion I came to was that it’s more than just a volunteer and mentoring service “ Urban Synergy is a wonderful community.
Every one I spoke to was polite and extremely nice, and the whole atmosphere was warm and friendly. It was well organised and the all performers were energetic, talented and very entertaining. I’m pleased that our contribution raised some good money for the cause.
And well done for taking Urban Synergy to where it is now. Its been an impressive journey.

“I think what Urban Synergy is creating is truly amazing, and is something our community has been crying out (sic) for decades. You and your team are leading path, for others to follow.”