Black History Month 2020

We at Urban Synergy feel accessible positive role models are so important to show young people career pathways and how to access them.

With that in mind we are showcasing the below Role Model Hero’s during UK Black History Month (BHM). We hope by showing the diversity of roles and role models to the next generation and we can help them to write their own futures.

We must make significant changes to raise the aspirations of the young people in our communities. We believe in order for that change to happen we must work together to help each other, to lift our young people and make their futures brighter. For this purpose we have also included our active allies who are taking action, in our Black History month showcase with our role models. Click on our Role Models to read their profile and interview.

Please feel free to share our interviews and comment during BHM, and volunteer if you can, as Nelson Mandela wisely said “It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it.” 

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Active Allies Count

So far during October we have seen many great reminders of why we celebrate Black History Month, from courageous ancestors to the Windrush pioneers, we must remember and tell their stories.

We chose to celebrate with the Role Model Hero interview series as well as holding e-seminars for schools and online BHM events with some corporates. We are truly fortunate to have more than 600 volunteer Role Models and Mentors from diverse backgrounds, industries, roles and companies.

So far we have shared some of our Role Model Heroes and today we will start to share some of our Active Allies too.

We feel it is important to see the role we can ALL play in providing opportunities and addressing the imbalance of racial injustice and inequity.