Prendergast School Year 12 learn about financial services at Morningstar

NigelCorporate Insight Day


Urban Synergy were at Morningstar with 30 Year 12 & 13 students aged 16-18yrs from Prendergast School. The students learned about the financial services firm which provides an array of investment research and investment management services and has operations in 29 countries.

The students learned more about Morningstar from Connor Sloman, Managing Director of UK and West EMEA and also about his career journey. The students also heard from Morningstar panellists who talked about their roles and shared their top tips:

  • Ovomor Urumedji - Senior Employee Technology, Support Analyst EMEA
  • Mia Simpson - Media Relations Manager
  • Natasha Jackson - Sustainalytics Manager (Sustainability Sales)
  • Rebecca Hingston - Internal Communications Associate
  • Ayesha Patel - Senior Manager Marketing Operations

The panellists joined other Morningstar volunteers to speed mentor with the students about roles and responsibilities, career journeys.

Student feedback

  • 100% of the students learned about new career pathways
  • 100% of the students learned what skills are valued in the workplace
  • 100% feel more confident about their future following the event

“It was very motivating to talk to people who did the same or similar subjects at the same level as me and see that they are happy in the workplace and able to find a career for them.”

“I enjoyed the speed mentoring. It was great seeing all of these people in all of these different jobs and sectors, it gave me clarity of what I wanted to do after sixth form.”

“It was very motivating to talk to people to who did the same or similar subjects at A level to me and see that they are happy in the workplace and able to find a career for themselves.”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to talk to many talented people. Being able to find out about new job sectors that I didn’t know about before and learning that no matter what there is always a path for everyone.”

Morningstar corporate volunteer feedback

“It was a real pleasure to speak with a lot of young and talented people today.”

“Such a a great event, really fun to meet the students and talk with them about career paths.”

“Insightful way of helping young people with career advice and to give them a view into corporate life.”

“I'm glad I was able to be a panelist to the younger generation. Giving them advice on career, skills and direction. The students asked really good questions and was very interested in developing themselves and grow to become future leaders.”

Thank you to Connor Sloman, Anastasia Georgiou, Samantha Watson and all of the Morningstar volunteers for your time and hospitality.