Haberdasher Aske Hatcham College Role Model Seminar

Role Model Seminar series gets off to a great start

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Autumn 2011 ‘Top Tips To The Top’ – Role Model seminar series gets off to a great start.

Haberdasher Aske Hatcham College Role Model SeminarA pilot, IT Manager, doctors and barristers – Urban Synergy’s latest Role Model Seminar had all these and more on Wednesday 5th October at Haberdashers’ Askes Hatcham College in New Cross South East London.

The turnout from pupils was fantastic, with over 150 young people hearing from five different role models about their own experience of education, chosen career paths and how they have managed to become successful professionals. Despite difficulties at school in some cases, all the role models demonstrated to the pupils how they managed to achieve their dreams and gave valuable advice from lessons they have learned along the way.

Haberdasher Aske Hatcham College Role Model SeminarA Q&A session followed and then more role models took part in a speed mentoring session where they spoke with small groups of pupils about their experiences and gave guidance to pupils looking for advice. Each role model was asked to provide top tips for young people to take away – here are some of their words of wisdom: Take advantage of the opportunities that you have now, otherwise you may limit yourself in the future.

  • You have to make sacrifices, find a good balance between study and have a good social life.
  • Choose your friends wisely – to be able to spend time studying, you need people around who will support you in doing this. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted from your goals.
  • Even though your friends might be out doing other fun things, stay committed to your goals.
  • When expectations of you are low, it can make you think little of yourself. People who say you are not capable of achieving anything, can be proven wrong.
  • Don’t dwell on the obstacles in life, but instead focus on how to overcome them.
  • Do your research about a career you are interested in – find something that allows you to do things that you enjoy.
  • Having some qualifications is important – nobody can even take these away from you.
  • The ways you deal with difficult situations is important – don’t be held back by negative stereotypes, you should always remember you are better than that.
  • Mistakes will be made while you are studying and when you have a job, but you should take the opportunity to learn from them.
  • Always keep your eyes on the prize; if you want something, keep at it. With self belief you can achieve your goal.
  • Hold on to your dream.

Here’s what some of the young people enjoyed about the seminar:

  • Karen aged 14, year 10 at Haberdashers’ Askes – “I learnt that you can do whatever you want if you keep your mind to it.”
  • Montel aged 14yrs, year 10 at Haberdashers’ Askes. “One person who inspired me was Darae Palmer, he said that success is never on a straight road. I also enjoyed listening to Donovan Reid as he has a lot of humour and a great personality.”
  • Lauren aged 14yrs, year 10 at Haberdashers’ Askes. “The person who inspired me was the Psychologist, Monica Thompson, she was the only woman on the panel which really inspired me. She had to go through a tough experience of racism in school but it didn’t get her down. I will focus and start attending activities to do with what I want to do. I enjoyed speaking with the role models and asking questions.”
  • Abdirahman aged 14yrs, year 10 at Haberdashers’ Askes. “I learnt that you should not give up on your dreams and follow the crowd, because if you don’t give up you will reach your dream. I will make sure that I do not give up on anything I want to do and I will also make sure I chase my dream. Every school should attend an opportunity like this because the speeches they gave us can actually change people’s lives and can make their dream come true.”
  • Rhianna aged 14yrs, Haberdashers’ Askes. “I will be taking my studies more seriously after attending this seminar.”
  • Adaeze aged 14yrs, Haberdashers’ Askes. “I will read more and research work experience and apprenticeships. I think Urban Synergy is a great organisation and I hope they come back!”
  • Joshua aged 14yrs. I learnt about endurance, Garry Green inspired me the most. Urban Synergy is an amazing experience.’
  • Mrs Evelyn Kisitu (Parent) “I think that it has been a fantastic seminar. Well-timed and focused toward meeting young needs and mentoring. Well done!”

Thanks to an enthusiastic young student who attended one of Urban Synergy’s role model seminars at Forest Hill School, and told his teacher at Haberdashers’ Askes how much it inspired him. Thanks also to Jermaine Gayle, Assistant Head of Years 10 and 11 at Haberdashers’ Askes for helping us make this seminar happen and to the other teaching staff at the school who gave their time and support to us.

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