T-Shirt printing at Fifth Column

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abrahams-t-shirt-printing-effortUrban Synergy mentees went on a trip to north London’s Fifth Column t-shirt printing company and had a great time. Each mentee created a personal logo/design, which was then taken to the computer room, scanned in and added to a template, ready for mounting to a print screen. Nathan took the lead and made sure the screen was prepared and finished off in a professional manner. Then it was added to a heat printer, gold paint was added ready for our mentees to scrape through and add to their t-shirts. The design came out fantastic when dried on the t-shirts. Some mentees were so proud of their work and efforts they wore them on their way home. The General feedback was, they wanted to do the event again and bring their own clothing to change and create new designs for.

Thanks to all at Fifth Column for giving out mentees such a great experience.