I will stop procrastinating and make sure I take my opportunities now

Kevin, 14

I will try to succeed in maths/physics and computer science as it is the future.

Aruna, 13

Make sure I am motivated and hardworking in order to do the best I can.

Shannen, 16

I learned that you need to be passionate about what you want to do in order to be more successful. You need to network with your peers and others to get what you want in life.

Adwoa-Konadu, 14

Rita Benkyi inspired me because I am heading for a career in intensive care and we are very similar. You can achieve what you want if you go for it. Pay attention and believe in yourself

Noelia, 15

I learnt that anything is possible through hard work and the right mentoring

Nathan, 13

I learnt that I need to persevere and be sure of what I want to do in my later life and control my own destiny